The Story of Signal Zero: Esports and Crypto

Player skill tracking system powered by supervised machine learning. The award and attribution system we developed
Ad creative for TapRivals our Skill gaming platform
See that, if its skill based, people tend to get better with practice. Not so much with luck.
Early prototype for TapRivals
TMI. It was always a challenge to keep TapRivals easy to understand.
We named our crypto “Loot” and even managed to snag a Trademark for it.
I’m sold.
If it seems to good to be true it probably is
Loot was getting hot
Loud and clear
Trader Cobb interviewed me in Central Park, NYC
When in doubt, advertise



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Tobias Batton

Tobias Batton


Entrepreneurship | Publishing | Advertising | Games | CogSci | Information Theory | Cybernetics