The Story of Signal Zero: Appstore Domination

See, they are disrupting a . . . rocky meadow?
Visibility challenges are parallel in brick and mortar retail and many other industries
Some screenshots of TokenWall.
Tobias Batton on Fox News
Data wins the race
Over 67 million users. Distil, Maxmind and Pivotal Labs all came in early 2015.
Giblet likes to get money
Games are meant to be fun :)
The #1 action game for almost a month Q3 2016
(Left to right) Ryan Southwick, Nathan Christie, Randall Nickerson, Tobias Batton, Richard Horne (Computer), Austin Hammer, Lydia Ho, Brandon Drew.
Test model and animation for our pet app. Party little dude.



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Tobias Batton

Tobias Batton


Entrepreneurship | Publishing | Advertising | Games | CogSci | Information Theory | Cybernetics